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“A useful, well-researched addition to the self-help genre.”

Kirkus Reviews

What if the obstacles in your way are EXACTLY what you need to reach your goals? What if you can learn to use obstacles to push forward, instead of being held back?

And yet too often we rush to put our difficulties behind us, thinking this allows us to get on with our lives and marks us as resilient. What if the best way forward is not to skip to the end but to struggle for as long as necessary?

Reading Leverage will teach you how to:

*Use adversity to cultivate your unique and creative strengths.

*Uncover new, and previously overlooked opportunities hidden in every setback.

*Learn how to find gratitude in unexpected places and use it to overcome life's challenges.

*Develop deeper and more meaningful relationships.

*Use setbacks to clarify and direct beliefs toward a more authentic and meaningful life.

*Develop a growth mindset that welcomes and uses adversity to ignite growth.

Licensed marriage and family therapist Claire Nana, LMFT, is passionate about the remarkable concept of posttraumatic growth. Having endured the murder of her father and incarceration of her mother, she learned firsthand how battling adversity head-on forces you to look for joy in unexpected places and uncover strengths you weren’t aware you had. By paying attention to the journey, for better or worse, rather than focusing solely on the finish line, you open yourself to opportunities and discover personal depths you would’ve otherwise missed.

Cultivating happiness is a process. Reading Leverage will remind you that sometimes the long way produces the most lasting results—and that you can only reach tomorrow’s triumph by being present for today’s trouble.

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ON THE BACK OF A HORSE: Harnessing The Healing Power of the Human Equine Bond

Nominated for an Editor’s Choice Award, ON THE BACK OF A HORSE: Harnessing The Healing Power Of The Human – Equine Bond is an entrance into the spiritual world of horses, the devastation of raw human trauma, and the equine facilitated psychotherapy that can help heal it. Using narrative interviews and case studies of equine experts and psychology researchers, the reader is given entrance into the world of equine facilitated psychotherapy, and in doing so, taken on an epic journey to discover how it is that these magical creatures understand so much more about human trauma than we ourselves do.

Reading ON THE BACK OF A HORSE will help you understand: 

*Why horses respond to people -- especially those with trauma -- the way that they do.

*Why horses, in their natural environments, don't experience trauma.

*How horses use their almost mystical communication to heal trauma in people.

*How to develop a more meaningful and helpful relationship with traumatized people in your life.

*How to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, and your horse.

Filled with examples of equine communication, bonding and emotional expression, ON THE BACK OF A HORSE is a beautiful example of just how these amazing creatures can help people overcome trauma.

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