Claire Dorotik LMFT

I teach people to leverage adversity -- and use it like a springboard.

Claire Dorotik M.A. MFT

CA License #44211

CO License #981

Graduating in 2002 from San Diego State University with a B. S. in Kinesiology, and then in 2002 from San Diego University for Integrative Studies with a M.A. in Marriage and Child Family Counseling, I have many years experience working with clients with weight loss, addictions, mood disorders, and adjustment issues.

My specialty is body image issues, as I am a competitive athlete myself and feel passionate about helping clients to realize their true athletic potential and reclaim healthy and happy lives. As a staff psychotherapist at Live In Fitness, the largest residential bootcamp in the United States, I helped thousands of clients struggling with lifelong weight issues return to healthy weights and healthy lives. I have also worked as a biomechanics and wellness consultant creating programs for United States International University, Nokia Corporation, and Bally Total Fitness that help people improve fitness, reduce stress, and find simple ways to integrate healthy routines into their daily lives. 

I am a contributing writer on exercise and mood for Trail Runner and Her Sports magazines, as well as the developer of continuing education courses for International Sport Science Association, the only continuing education program for personal trainers accredited by the Department of Education and Continuing Training (DECT). My courses include: The Client Centered Approach to Personal Training, Marathon Training 101: What Every Personal Trainer Needs To Know, Substance Abuse and Addictions: What Every Personal Trainer Needs To Know, The Guideline For The Development Of Selected Motor Skills In Youth, and The Dynamics of Health and Weight Loss Coaching. I also write continuing education courses for psychotherapists, counselors and psychologists for Zur Institute, and Professional Development Resources, which include: Post-Traumatic Growth: Advanced Clinical Applications, Nutrition and Mental Health, Behavioral Strategies For Weight Loss, Nutrition and Addictions, and In The Zone: Finding Flow Through Positive Psychology.

An additional specialty of mine has always been with the addiction recovery population, as I have created programs for Miracle House Recovery Center, Tender Life Maternity Home, and Prototypes Women’s Center designed to help trauma, abuse, eating disorder, and addiction recovery clients return to balanced and healthy functioning. As many of these clients also were challenged with returning to sober lives and relationships, I also specialize in relationship and adjustment issues that are specific to the recovery population, such as finding a new direction in their life, or perhaps realizing a dream or goal that they have always wanted to accomplish.


I am the author of ON THE BACK OF A HORSE: Harnessing the Healing Power of the Human-Equine Bond,  (2011), and LEVERAGE: The Science of Turning Setbacks into Springboards, (2015), both available on Amazon.

Competitive Accomplishments

My competitive accomplishments include national high school rankings in the 400 meter top three division finishes in several marathons, as well as two consecutive top division placings in the Lake Tahoe Triple Ultra-Marathon, and the Leadville Trail Marathon, the second highest (altitude) marathon in the United States. In 2013, I also won both the LOST 118, and the Ft. Clinch Ultra- Marathons.

I am also an avid equestrian, and my competitive highlights in this field include two reserve national championships and one national championship at the Arabian Nationals, several top placings in Mini Prix competitions, including Almaden Farms Summer Classic, Monterey Bay Seal of Approval, Michelob Classic, and a 2nd place finish in the Western division of the Young Jumper Championships, in 2005. In 2012, I was the Reserve Champion at Training Level at the Rocky Mountain Dressage Championships, and won the High Point Jockey Club Award.